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MONQ - Retro Aroma Inhaler set of 3

MONQ - Retro Aroma Inhaler set of 3

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INTRODUCING MONQ RETRO AROMATHERAPY We're going back to basics with a classic approach to MONQ's most-loved blends. A classy and convenient way for anyone to benefit from aromatherapy. Simply remove the top cap, bring the inhaler close to your nose, and breathe. No Mist. No Batteries. No Buttons. Just you and your breath. Featuring MONQ's top-selling blends of Focus, Sleepy & Zen. *100% Pure Essential Oils *Vegan & Plastic Free *TSA Friendly and can safely travel to any destination *Responsible/Eco Friendly & Recyclable *Reusable with MONQ's Bottled Blends *Fits easily into your purse, pocket, or car ~ truly Aromatherapy Anywhere!

Discover the perfect balance of focus, zen, and sleep with the Monq Retro Aromatherapy Inhaler Set. With three options in one set, you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy on the go. Stay focused, find your inner calm, or drift off to sleep with this old-school retro inhaler. Improve your well-being with each breath.



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